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Good article on the current state Israel finds itself in and how God’s prophecy in Zach. 12:3 is coming true…


The Burdensome Stone

Daily now, hourly, the state of Israel is a thorn in the side of the international community. This community includes much of the Church, sadly. We see this in indirect ways.

Recently I posted a message on my Facebook page, in which I asked why the Christian Left criticizes the Christian Right, but does not discuss Iran’s brutality toward its own people.


It’s a perfectly legitimate question, but the Left almost always gets a free pass. Indirectly, the question has bearing on the Arab-Israeli conflict, since the Left very rarely discusses Muslim brutality (especially toward women, which should be a linchpin issue for the liberals), but goes on endlessly about alleged Israeli abuses.

Because the liberal seminaries (almost all seminaries now are affected by leftwing bias, especially as it regards how we read the Bible) have for 100 years brought in heresy and taught it, the mainline churches have always missed the brilliance of Israel. A de-emphasis of the Old Testament—an effective tactic used in Germany just before the formation of the Third Reich—has left us with whole generations who do not see or care to see the significance of the Jews.


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A good article from Israel Watch, a weekly commentary by Jim Fletcher.

This week his commentary addresses the churches stance on Israel.

Unfortunately, we are not all on the same path or with one voice for Israel…


A Side Issue

Increasingly, I feel ill winds blowing for Israel. On all fronts, the Jewish state is threatened, and most of them we expect. The PLO, foreign diplomats, various terrorist groups worldwide, dictators like Hugo Chavez…these are the obvious villains. They deserve the label.

Yet the threat that bothers me most is the one from the Church. The subject itself is controversial, and even diabolical in that many of those who “oppose Joshua” today would deny that they do!


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