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Interesting comparison pictures, I guess we can’t believe our eyes.  Is that what they are asking us to do?


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Declares: ‘One Nation’ Rally Was Just as Big as Beck Event

Here’s a partial transcript from Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters:

SCHULTZ: Now, conservatives want you to believe that Glenn Beck’s phony religious revival was way bigger than the One Nation rally. Well, let me take you back to the day of the Beck rally on August 28th, 2010, at 6:32 P.M., CBS.com proved Beck’s crowd was, as I said, no big shakes. “An estimated 87,000 people attended the rally organized by radio talk show host and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck Saturday in Washington, according to a crowd estimate commissioned by CBS News. The company, AirPhotosLive.com, based the attendance on aerial photos it took over the rally.” Now to be fair, NBC News put the size of Beck’s crowd at 300,000 people. So, somewhere in between all of this, 87,000, give or take 9 grand by that company, and 300,000 is reported by NBC. Pretty much, would you say that the size of the crowd is pretty much the same? I would. I was there. The people I saw, it was packed.

Read the rest of Noel’s analysis here.


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Pictures are worth a thousand words, the value gap between these two groups is very clear…

I will skip the debate on why, but I bet Christian values has some hand in it…


‘One Nation’ Crowd Didn’t Exactly Leave the Mall (or World War II Memorial) Spotless

Any large crowd is going to leave some evidence behind of what kind of event transpired.  That was certainly true of the 8/28 “Restoring Honor” rally.  Here is just one picture from The Conservative Lady:

Remember the old “contrast and compare” sections on the tests you took in school?  Let’s try that.


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Better than we found it

Wow, amazing the contrast, we are definitely split as a nation with different morals, values, and character….

This is an excellent example of Christs advice, that you will know a person by their fruits, this simple fruit (action) of picking up after ourselves, could it be any simpler than that?


Better than we found it

As someone who lives in D.C., I was happy to see people taking care to pick up after themselves at the conclusion of Saturday’s “Restoring Honor” rally.  Just like last fall’s 9/12 march, the grounds were left clean after the large crowds dispersed.  This is not always the case, however.  After the inauguration of President Barack Obama in January 2009, the National Mall looked like a landfill as people just left their newspapers and Starbucks cups for someone else to pick up.

Newsbusters has some great video comparing the last weekend’s rally with the Obama inauguration and asks an important question: Will the media notice the difference?

8/28/10 — Restoring Honor

January 20, 2009 — Inauguration of Barack Obama

On behalf of all D.C. residents, thanks for keeping it clean, folks!


Link to full original article: Better than we found it

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I love this, some may scoff, but I feel it is a sign from God.


God’s Majestic Geese Flyover at 8/28 Rally

At exactly 10am there was a triangle formation of geese that flew exactly down the center of the rally and stayed in formation until the end. The crowd there was cheering as they knew God has sent his own version of a military flyover to bless the days events.

Below are a couple of videos I found. Enjoy!


Link to full original article: God’s Majestic Geese Flyover at 8/28 Rally

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This is Evil, pure evil.  It shows how much we are waking up American’s to turn back to God.

As you read this you can’t help but feel the evil seething dripping from the authors words.  (Side-note:  The author is a good friend of Van Jones.)

Glenn has been saying the gates of hell will be opened on anyone that turns back to God and stands against the transformation of our country.

Good News is God will protect us.  God is in control and He wins!!!


Huffington Post Offers $100,000 for Sex Tapes, Phone Records to Destroy Glenn Beck
Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010 8:24:16 AM by kristinn

Edited on Monday, August 30, 2010 1:25:08 PM by Jim Robinson. [history]

In the wake of Glenn Beck’s hugely successful Restoring Honor rally held in Washington, D.C. this weekend, the Huffington Post has published an offer of $100,000 to anyone with evidence that would destroy Beck’s reputation and take him off the political/cultural battlefield.An essay written by Beau Friedlander, the last editor-in-chief of Air America before it shut down this year, was posted in the Politics section of the Huffington Post today with the title, $100,000 For Glenn Beck’s Sex Tape.Friedlander says he will not use his own money for the hit, but that he will “broker” the deal.It is time to pop the tea baggers’ favorite balloon (so what if it will be replaced by another?), and with that in mind I hereby offer to negotiate a $100,000 payday to the person who will come forward with a sex tape or phone records or anything else that succeeds in removing Glenn Beck from the public eye forever. I am not offering the cash myself, but I will broker the deal and/or raise the money for what you bring to the table. (And it better be good.) If you have the goods, or if you want to contribute to a slush fund to buy more takedowns (probably not tax deductible), please contact me at: glennbecksextape@gmail.com.Friedlander couches his offer in the context of Andrew Breitbart’s offer of $100,000 for the Journolist listserve messages, but this is more in line with pornographer Larry Flynt’s blackmail campaign against Congressmen during Bill Clinton’s impeachment, which followed a threat from Clinton conveyed by George Stephanopoulos to expose their sex lives.Likewise, the Huffington Post has ties to the Obama White House, raising the question of whether the White House is behind this targeting of Beck.

Update:Exposure by Free Republic Forces Huffington Post to Pull Article Threatening Glenn Beck: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2580103/posts


Link to full original article: Huffington Post Offers $100,000 for Sex Tapes, Phone Records to Destroy Glenn Beck

Monday, August 30, 2010 | Kristinn

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More good stories on the Restoring Honor event, and more deception on what the event entailed.

I don’t know how many articles I read that stated it was a majority white audience.

Does the media understand that we are a majority white country?

So if we were evenly represented across the US it would be a white majority.

I am still surprised, not sure why, I keep expecting them to wake up.


Glenn Beck crowd: Not so white as advertised

Many creeds, colors in attendance refute charges of racism against rally

By Anita Crane
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Restoring Honor attendees (Photo courtesy of Tim Hester and Karla Kuykendall Hester)

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of thousands of Americans – of many creeds and colors – made what ended up being a pilgrimage of sorts to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally.

Catholics, other Christians and Jews spoke to WND on site, many celebrating the themes of faith and reliance on God proclaimed from the platform.

As WND reported, Beck proclaimed the purpose of the rally, saying, “It has nothing to do with politics; it has everything to do with God.”

Beck, the Fox News TV host and a professed Mormon, urged his fellow Americans to live according to the Christian virtues of faith, hope and charity. He asked everyone to enter into 40 days of deep prayer, an obvious plea to imitate Jesus Christ’s 40 days of prayer and fasting in the wilderness.

Beck also preached the Christian philosophy that the common good starts with individuals, and therefore, he said, Americans need to begin by examining their souls.

Paul and Jeff Strange, father and son, came from Bloomington, Ill., with their friend Tom Morgan. Just prior to the formal presentations, Jeff Strange spoke presciently:

“I came here to try and improve myself as an individual, because I think we need to restore our character in this country,” he said. “We need to restore the character of our leaders, and we need to start electing virtuous leaders.

“We’re in big trouble, and it’s time to do something about it,” said Strange. “We came out here to be with thousands of other people to take a stand, to change ourselves and our country.”

Different faiths, different colors

Day Gardner (left) and Alveda King at Restoring Honor rally

The crowd itself included veterans, parents, disabled Americans, people of all ages and – contrary to some criticism leveled against the rally – attendees of many races and ethnicities.

Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union based in Washington, D.C., for example, stood on the platform with Alveda King as she recalled her uncle Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech.

Before the multitudes assembled Alveda King proclaimed, “If Uncle Martin could be here today … he would surely remind us that as brothers and sisters, united by one blood in one single race, the human race, we are called to honor God and to love each other.”

Praising the entire rally, Gardner exclaimed, “It was phenomenal!

“It felt great to be up there with all these wonderful leaders, the black pro-life leaders from all over the country,” Gardner said. “I was extremely proud of my sister in Christ and my dear friend, Dr. Alveda King. … Seeing her walk out where her uncle and her father were 47 years ago – my eyes welled up, and I had a lump in my throat, because we have come a really long way.”


Link to full original article: Glenn Beck crowd: Not so white as advertised

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It is amazing the lengths different media outlets will go through to deceive their audiences on what really took place this weekend.

I mean, really, 87,000.  It will be very telling when the official estimates come out, where each stood.

The more I hear about this event, the more God inspired and touched I believe it was.

Not one arrest during the entire event.

The mall was left cleaner than before the event started.

And all of the good will stories are pouring in.  Amazing, praise God!


Glenn Beck rally sparks debate over crowd size

Glenn Beck rally draws huge crowd

Glenn Beck kicked off Monday’s radio show by thanking the many attendees at Saturday’s “Restoring Honor” rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial — at least 500,000 by his count. Beck said he’s “still waiting on the real number” and plans to look closely during his 5 p.m. Fox News show at photos of the large crowd assembled on the National Mall.

The rally — which took place on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the memorial — drew a good deal of controversy, with civil rights leaders holding a countermarch. But the event largely kept free of overt political references, as Beck (a longtime scourge of the Obama White House) had pledged it would. It stressed religious themes, together with celebrations of noncontroversial virtues such as charity and national service.

Even though Beck is still tabulating a crowd estimate, it can be expected to be significantly higher than the number CBS News reported over the weekend: 87,000.

[Video: Thousands come to D.C. for Beck rally]

CBS commissioned an estimate from AirPhotosLive, a company that provides crowd sizes based on aerial photos. CBS noted that there’s a margin of error of plus or minus 9,000. So, by this estimate, there were as few as 78,000 attendees or as many as 96,000.

Unlike CBS, most news organizations balked at getting that specific (or hiring professionals to make a head count). Some media outlets played it safe with “tens of thousands,” a count that’s indisputable. Others went with “hundreds of thousands.” Perhaps the only thing the media agreed on — including this reporter on hand — is that a very large number of people assembled to hear Beck speak.


Link to full original article: Glenn Beck rally sparks debate over crowd size

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Awesome photos of this historic event about Faith, and turning back to God and the values of our founding.


Photos from 8/28 Restoring Honor

August 30, 2010 – 3:58 ET

Thank you to the thousands of people who attended the Restoring Honor event that took place on August 28 in Washington DC. We have selected about 100 photos from the thousands that were sent in by fans, take a look below…

Restoring Honor Photos: On Stage
Take a look at Glenn, Sarah Palin, Marcus Luttrell, Albert Pujols and more…

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Restoring Honor Photos: People
Who attended the 8/28 event and why is the media so scared of them?

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Restoring Honor Photos: Crowd
The crowd was estimated at a half million, take a look for yourself…

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5


Restoring Honor: Front pages of newspapers


Restoring Honor: Online Coverage



Link to full original article: Photos of Restoring Honor Event

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Some amazing pictures, you be the judge, but it has to be between 300k-600k.

I am sure the debate will go on, but I am so proud so many attended to help deliver the message that we must turn back to God….


Photos: Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally


Link to full original post with these pictures and more: Photos: Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally

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Click on the link to the Right Scoop below to see the CSPAN video of all 3 hours.

Great, well worth watching….


Watch Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor (3 hours)

Watch all 3 hours of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally that happened on 8/28/2010. It was an amazing event that left me in tears more than I though it would. It was not about politics, but about honoring God, honoring those who have fought and currently fight for our freedom, and restoring honor and integrity to our great nation that we call America. A special thanks to CSPAN for covering the event.


Link to full original article: Watch Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor (3 hours)

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This was an amazing event, and a very good article from the New York Times.  Surprisingly fair.

This is exactly what America needs, and I believe God has been working through Glenn to call his people back.  Not to a specific denomination or religion.  But God wants all his children to stand behind him as we enter these challenging times.

Only God can fix the mess we have gotten ourselves into and lead us to the promise land, what ever that may be.

My favorite quote from the article was the last paragraph on the second page, Glenn said:

“My role, as I see it, is to wake America up to the backsliding of principles and values and most of all of God,” he said. “We are a country of God. As I look at the problems in our country, quite honestly, I think the hot breath of destruction is breathing on our necks and to fix it politically is a figure that I don’t see anywhere.”

Wake up America, turn back to God!


At the Lincoln Memorial, a Call for Religious Rebirth

WASHINGTON — An enormous and impassioned crowd rallied at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, summoned by Glenn Beck, a conservative broadcaster who called for a religious rebirth in America at the site where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago to the day.

“Something that is beyond man is happening,” Mr. Beck said in opening the event as the crowd thronged near the memorial grounds. “America today begins to turn back to God.”

It was part religious revival, part history lecture, as Mr. Beck invoked the founding fathers and the “black-robed regiment” of pastors of the Revolutionary War and spoke of American exceptionalism.

The crowd was a mix of groups that have come together under the Tea Party umbrella. Some wore T-shirts from the Campaign for Liberty, the libertarian group that came out of the presidential campaign of Representative Ron Paul, while others wore the gear of their local Tea Party group, or of 9/12 groups, which were founded after a special broadcast Mr. Beck did in March 2009.

But the program was distinctly different from most Tea Party rallies. While Tea Party groups have said they want to focus on fiscal conservatism and not risk alienating people by talking about religion or social issues, the rally on Saturday was overtly religious, filled with gospel music and speeches that were more like sermons.

Mr. Beck imbued his remarks on Saturday and at events the night before with references to God and a need for a religious revival. “For too long, this country has wandered in darkness,” Mr. Beck said Saturday. “This country has spent far too long worrying about scars and thinking about scars and concentrating on scars. Today, we are going to concentrate on the good things in America, the things that we have accomplished, and the things that we can do tomorrow.”

Many in the crowd said they had never been to a Tea Party rally, but they described themselves as avid Glenn Beck fans, and many said they had been motivated to come by faith.

Becky Benson, 56, traveled from Orlando, Fla., because, she said, “we believe in Jesus Christ, and he is our savior.” Jesus, she said, would not have agreed with what she called the redistribution of wealth in the form of the economic stimulus package, bank bailouts and welfare. “You cannot sit and expect someone to hand out to you,” she said. “You don’t spend your way out of debt.”

Mr. Beck’s themes were ones he returns to on his radio and television shows, and people in the crowd echoed his ideas, saying that “progressives” were moving the country toward socialism and that the country must get back to a strict interpretation of the Constitution, which would limit the role of the federal government and do away with entitlement programs.

“The federal government is only to offer us protection from our enemies and help us when we need it,” said Ron Sears, 65, who came on a caravan of three buses from Corbin, Ky. “The states are supposed to control education and everything having to do with their citizens, except when they need federal help.”


Link to full original article: At the Lincoln Memorial, a Call for Religious Rebirth

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