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Prophetic signs are accelerating, there are so many to try and keep up with that I have felt very overwhelmed and a bit schizophrenic recently.  After much prayer, I have decided to not try and keep up with all of them as I have in the past but try to pick the clearest one or two and present it here for you.

The one that stood out this morning to me was the warning that Iran’s spiritual leader gave this week.  It was eerie to hear these words and not see it echoed in our media.  Many will have no idea of what Iran is telling their people and their Muslim allies.  The first quote that jumped out at me was as follows:

Khamenei then claimed the current century as the century of Islam and promised that human history is on the verge of a great event and that soon the world will realize the power of Allah.

We have heard similar things before from Iran’s leaders, but this time around there was a immediacy to all of their statements.  (more…)

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