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The following two articles/video do a good job laying out what it means to be a “True” Christian.  I put quotes around the true because I have never liked that label, either you are a Christian or you are not, though I understand there needs to be some way to distinguish via text discussions.

The pastor in the video is pretty hard on Franklin Graham as missing the mark.  I do agree with the pastors statements on faith, and I don’t think Franklin Graham went far enough to explain his reasoning and beliefs.  He walked that PC line and tried to remain polite and non-confrontational.  I think that was more out of shock of being ambushed as he was there to talk about his ministry in Africa and also out of politeness and not wanting to escalate the debate.  I do begrudge him for that.

That being said, I think we do need to get more bold in our statements on Christ, God’s Word, and our beliefs.  Time is short.  You can see that I think if you compare this year to 10 years ago, faith is a lot more front and center as a controversial issue, even with a year ago, you can see the escalation.

The second article does a great job laying out what we do know about Obama’s faith choices with his own words and writings.  It lays out the facts about the church he chose and what “journey” he has taken that shaped him for the last 10+ years.  It is a pretty stunning contrast to Christianity as we know it and well done.  Take sometime to read through it yourself.

God Bless!


Pastor’s take on Obama and Christianity


Is Obama really a true Christian?

Rev. Franklin Graham last week revealed that President Obama confided to him and his father during a recent visit to North Carolina: “I don’t go to church.”

Publicly, Obama insists he’s a practicing Christian.

“I have no idea what he really believes,” Graham said during an appearance on MSNBC.

It’s a deepening mystery. Pundits on both the left and right question the president’s faith. The growing debate marks a turning point in American politics, where discussing the personal religious beliefs of an elected official or candidate is taboo.

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” doubts Obama is a practicing Christian.

“I just don’t believe it,” he said recently.

Maher suspects the president is an atheist.

GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum says Obama follows a “phony theology” not based on the Bible and preached by radicals.


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