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This is insane, extremely concerning.  How is this not upside down and backwards.

All the group is doing is talking about their religion, they are not forcing anyone to believe, they are just sharing their beliefs.

These are kids, ages 7 to 18, that are spewing all this hate.  Where did they learn this from?

They are throwing full water bottles, milk crates, cans, trash, rocks, and anything else that is not nailed down.

How is this not upside down?  A group can not protest?

The cops said that they were the ones creating a danger to society, not the ones throwing rocks, how backwards is that?

It intensifies at about the 9:10 mark.

It is painful to watch.  By turning a blind eye to this evil and hate, what are we setting ourselves up for as a society?

Do they really think they can reason with this crowd?  What happens when they gain more power?

How can people say this is a religion of peace?

The Chamber of Commerce refused to allow a free speech zone.  I thought our country was supposed to be a “freedom of speech” zone?

Be sure to watch to the end, as they are being police escorted in the van away from festival, they get pulled over and end up have 12 officers there.

What is our country become?

Update:  I found the full unedited version of the video.  This group was preaching the truth but was a little more provocative than the edited version shows.  It is long, about 1 hour in length but I wanted to make sure you saw the raw video.  The pig was inappropriate as well as some of the language, I wish they would have used more of the Love message that Jesus used, still the response is inappropriate.

At the 40 minute mark the group moves for I believe the last time and they get pelted with a barrage if stuff, the crowd turns into a pack of animals, it is INSANE!


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