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Didn’t they get the memo?

Since “Climate Change” is a four letter word, they have changed to “Global Climate Disruption” as of the 17th. =)

Global Warming Out, ‘Global Climate Disruption’ In


Ted Turner blasts U.S. for once again sitting back on climate change

Speaking at the Colorado Conservation Voters annual fall luncheon today, media mogul Ted Turner scolded the United States for failing to sign the Kyoto Protocol and said the rest of the world is waiting for the United States to take a leadership role in clean energy and climate change.

“It is such a complicated issue,” Turner said of climate change. “It is the most complicated issue humanity has ever faced. It is easy to be a naysayer, and the opposition has learned that it is easier to do nothing. They have done a good job of casting some doubt on global warming.”

Ted Turner speaking in Denver today.

Gov. Bill Ritter, sitting on stage with Turner and moderator Reggie Rivers, agreed with Turner that climate change is the issue of the day.

“I think we are at a place better than we were at five years ago, but it has become politicized and I think we are in a really difficult place in the country because some really important issues have become politicized and very difficult to work on,” Ritter said.

“Climate change has become a four-letter word, where candidates are afraid to have a discussion on it,” Ritter said.


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