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It is amazing how the attacks can continue as well as the deception from both our government and the media.

We should not have to pay for anything that violates our religious beliefs.

It is just that simple.

Oh the boldness that is show during these last days and just when you thought they couldn’t get any bolder, they can.


‘Religious Freedom Violations’: These Are the Obama Admin‘s Contraceptive Mandate ’Concessions’

Religious Freedom Violations: These Are the Obama Admins Contraception Mandate Concessions

As the contraceptive mandate continues to be a topic of conversation in media and on the campaign trail, the Obama administration has been faced with a difficult scenario: either make concessions or risk potential political fallout.

The national conversation surrounding Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke did, to a degree, temporarily relieve some pressure from officials. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church and its supporters have been adamant about the religious freedom violations associated with the mandate. Now, it seems officials have moved, albiet slightly, in a direction faith leaders may find palatable.


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