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So over the holiday weekend like probably at least half of you, I was away at a relatives house for the holiday weekend.  While there enjoying the festivities and giving thanks, I had the opportunity to attend Sunday service.  The minister was a young energetic minister that was a big fan of Christmas, he called it the “foundation of his faith” and he couldn’t wait for it to begin.  He had his 14.9 days of Christmas music loaded on his iTunes and began decorating Friday.  (I remember the day when I had this much energy.)

He chose to open his message on Luke 17:11-19 with a partial video clip from Charlie Brown’s Christmas special.  I have always loved Charlie Brown.  As I watched the characters run through their parts, I was amazed how much Christianity he was able to work into his cartoons (it was a different time then).  As much as I love the cartoon, I began to wondered where he was going with this message and how it related to Luke 17.  The short answer is being grateful, thankful and positive, not cynical.  He was dead on, we have become (more…)

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