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We’ve probably said those words a thousand times, be it in prayers, hymns, or scripture reading.  But did we ever stop to think of what they really meant?  Especially with all the calamity these days.  I hadn’t until I read the article below.  It is very timely with all of the talk about the end of the world, first the Mayan’s now the Pope.  The end of the world is on people’s minds.  God’s word has a lot to say about it if we would take the time to read it.

Maranatha, Lord come quickly!



Dec 17, 2012

World Without End

The end of the world is scheduled for this Friday, December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, as analyzed by some. Many scenarios of what supposedly will happen on that date have for months–even years— been predicted by the purveyors of doom for Planet Earth. The Mayan “prophecy” goes basically as follows.

The Mayan civilization was extremely advanced in mathematics, engineering and astronomy. They also had an incredible understanding of time and space. Various calendars were in use to track time in linear progressions within cycles. The “Great Cycle” of the “Long Count” calendar equates to 5,125.36 years. The Current Great Cycle is due to be completed on the winter solstice of 2012, December 21. So, it has been interpreted that on this day, the Great Cycle ends, Time ends, so the Earth must end as well. (2012endofdays.org).

The Mayan “Long Count” concludes on the very day the sun lines up with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It is said that (more…)

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