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This is a tough area and topic to discuss, it is almost as charged as the abortion topic, but I think it is a key sign that we are living in the last days – the Days of Noah.

Did you know that the only other time in history that same-sex marriage was legal was in the days of Noah?  It is true.  Christ warned us to be watchful, and look for it to be like the days of Noah and the days of Lot, then we would know we were in the End Times.

I have always struggled with the fact that everywhere you turn these days you can not escape the media putting the “Alternate Lifestyle” in our face.  It is not that I want it banished to some dark corner but maybe just a little perspective.  If they are truly a minority (an alternate lifestyle), one that needs extra protections evidently, then why is it treated as if it is as common as a successful marriage between a man and a women.  I might argue that if you assessed our society based on our media, you would get the reverse impression, that the healthy marriage was really the minority, but that is another topic.

There is obviously an agenda but that agenda has consequences.  And it is those consequences that are almost always overlooked by our current society and especially the media.  God warned us of all sins, He did that as a loving father.  He does not want to see any of us get hurt and He wants to protect us from this evil world.  Homosexuality is a sin just like all of the others it is listed with in 1 Corinthians.  It is just as destructive as adultery or idolatry or theft.  We all struggle with our own portfolio of sins, being christians of flesh this is our cross to bear until Christ comes back for us.  God gave us the tools to help combat it the best we can, some days successfully, some days not.  But it is through keeping our eyes on Christ that we gain the strength over time to resist more successfully, even thought the sin never truly departs us.  Through faith in Christ, we are of the spirit and not flesh as Paul stated.

Dr David Reagan does a great job laying out the truth, as disturbing and painful as it is.  We can not ignore God’s Word, or pick and choose which parts of His Word we want to believe, we must have faith and trust in Him, modeling ourselves after His Son, Jesus Christ.

God Bless!


Homosexuality as an End Times Sign: Consequences

Dr. David R. Reagan

Let’s consider for a moment the homosexual political agenda. It’s a radical one that most people are not really aware of. If enacted, it would serve to undermine the Biblical concept of the family.

The first goal, of course, is to repeal all state laws against sodomy. Until 1961 every state in the Union had a law against sodomy. Since that time, state after state has repealed its anti-sodomy law due to pressure and threats from homosexual activists and organizations like the ACLU despite the fact that the Supreme Court has consistently upheld the constitutional right of states to pass such laws.

Another goal high on the political agenda is to get special laws enacted that would prohibit any kind of discrimination against homosexuals. The proposed laws are broad in scope. Some would prohibit a person from refusing to rent a room in his home to a homosexual. Others would go so far as to penalize a church for refusing to hire a homosexual, and organizations like the Boy Scouts would be required to recruit homosexual leaders. The most ominous laws are those that would classify verbal attacks on the homosexual lifestyle as “hate crimes.” The latter laws could be applied to media ministers as well as preachers in the pulpit.


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