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Good article and reminder in this time when many are falling away from God.  God loves each of us despite our sin and longs to help each of us, if we will simply turn back to him and ask…



By Grant Phillips


Are you convinced that a Holy God could never love you? Many are.

To the contrary, some people ride high on the waves of egotism, either believing there is no God or they do not need God in their lives. These unfortunate souls seem to think their works, their education, their position in the community and/or church, and various other excuses make them a gift to God. This is not only sad, but tragic, because they can never know God until they see themselves as God sees them.

Going back to the other end of the spectrum, others are just the opposite. They are so down on themselves, they think God could never care about them. However, these dear folks are closer to being helped spiritually, than the proud mentioned earlier. Why? Because they see themselves as God sees us all, apart from His Son Jesus. “As it is written, (more…)

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