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More confirmation of Syria and Hezbollah has scud rockets and is training to use them.  Scuds are so critical because they can reach all of Israel and are generally more accurate…tensions are rising as we slide toward God’s prophesied Psalm 83 War.


Google Earth Photos Reveal Syrian Scuds

JERUSALEM (Oct. 12) — Israeli defense experts were still sounding alarms this week over Google Earth images made public Friday by the Israeli daily Haaretz. The satellite photos, taken March 22, show Scud missiles ready for deployment at a Syrian base at Adra, where earlier reports suggest Syria is training Hezbollah militants in the use of missiles that threaten large parts of Israel.

The photos show five 11-meter-long Scuds at the Adra base. Three are on trucks in a car park. Two others are in a training area where 20 to 25 people can be made out along with about 20 vehicles. One of the two missiles appears to be mounted on a mobile launcher; another is on the ground.

Earlier reports have suggested that the Adra base, located in a deep valley surrounded by 400-meter mountains, has concrete tunnels leading deep underground where the missiles are apparently stored in protected silos.


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