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The following three articles are different examples of how we are seeing deception play out in these last days as well of the effects of that deception: good is evil and evil is good.  Everything is backwards.

First is an article on the situation our troops are facing and the complete deception on facts we are receiving.  Where is the gratitude?  Where is the thankfulness for our young men and women laying down their lives to try and help them?  There is none.  That seems to be the norm these days.  The Days of Noah are upon us!

Second is an article on what we are turning our country into: Entitlement USA.  We are told day and night that everything we are doing is good and positive.  But we are really destroying both those we are “helping” as well as ourselves with this unsustainable aid.  Where is the genuine gratitude?  All I hear is bold entitlement.  The attitude and entitlement is simply amazing in the attached video.  My favorite line was plaintiff response to the question what do you do?

Answer?  Drum roll please…

“I’m me!”

Third is an article about a topic most having probably never heard about.  It was an article run only on WND.com and then discussed by Rush Limbaugh Radio.  The complete media blackout on this is simply amazing.  The double standard is breath taking and the description obvious.  It is becoming bolder and bolder, as deception envelops this world and the hour grows late. (Birth pains?)

All three articles are must reads.  With deception becoming the norm we must look harder for the truth and pass it on when we find it as many are being deceived. (As Christ said!)  I will try to do some of that hear but check out the sources on my links section (right hand side) they are the sources of truth I have been able to find so far.

God Bless!


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