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Many more concept pictures of the proposed Ground Zero mosque, also some pictures for reference…


First look at sketches of the Ground Zero mosque…

t’s the building that has divided New York and forced a national debate on what it means to be American.

Now these artist’s sketches show the first glimpse both inside and out the proposed Ground Zero mosque – and you may be surprised at what is planned.

The futuristic-looking building is wrapped in a honeycomb of abstract shapes – symbols that have already forced the centre’s developers to issue a clarification, after observers pointed out that many of the shapes appear to resemble the Jewish symbol of the Star of David.


Day and night: The building’s futuristic honeycomb exterior would feature traditional Islamic themes – including the hexagram, which also features as a symbol of Jewish identity

MosquePast and future: Developers have taken traditional Islamic arabesque design and added contemporary and abstract elements, creating a unique and arresting environment


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