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Pestilence is larger than expected (understated) and on the rise…


Malaria deaths in India 13 times UN’s estimate, study finds

New Delhi – Malaria kills 205,000 people in India annually, a figure more than 13 times higher than UN estimates, research released Thursday said.

The study, published in the Lancet medical journal, raised doubts about the total number of malaria deaths reported worldwide. The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) estimated 881,000 malaria deaths per year globally, of which 91 per cent occur in Africa and about 15,000 occur in India.

‘This low estimate should be reconsidered as should the low WHO estimate of adult malaria deaths worldwide,’ the study, published online, said.


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India has definitely been taking the lead on this RFID national ID card front.  Something to keep an eye on…


India launches ambitious national identity scheme

India has launched a huge national identity scheme aimed at cutting fraud and improving access to state benefits.

Using biometric methods, including an iris scan, the system will log details of India’s population of more than one billion people on a central database.

It was launched by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi in western India.

The data will be stored online in what India says will be the biggest such national database in the world.

The unique identification (UID) programme will help those in poor, marginalised communities who find it difficult to access public services and benefits because they do not have official records, officials say.

The government expects to give a UID number to every Indian citizen within four years.

Birth registration is not universal and it is hoped that the database will give an accurate picture of Indian society.


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