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Amazing video, I think Ray Comfort drills into the true basics that a lot of us Christians have missed or forgotten through all of the noise and distractions (deception) this world throws at us.  As I watched it, I could see myself and friends I know in the position of the two young believers he is interviewing.

It is so important, and counter intuitive to this world, to remember we are not to put our “faith” in ourselves but in Jesus Christ (God).  We are to keep our eyes on Him and not this world.  We cannot save ourselves through being “good” or even repenting.  We are all sinners and no one is good enough.

It is only through faith in Jesus and His gift to us through His death on the cross.  He overcame death and is preparing a place for us to be with Him always.  He sent us the Holy Spirit to be sealed, yes sealed, within us always.  No one can remove it.

It is the simplest message and promise but very easy to forget or overlook.

God’s Word, the Bible, is inerrant.  The translation I like calls it “God Breathed”.  It has never been wrong and verifies itself through prophecy.

Make sure to watch the video.

God Bless!


Bible: Trustworthy or lost in translation?

Ray Comfort interviews Sunday School teacher who questions Scripture


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