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More talk about a strike on Iran.  This is one theory on what may start the Psalm 83 war.  Where Iran would use its surrogates to attack Israel first due to proximity.  There was another article I posted earlier on Iran’s plans to fire up their reactor.  Could these two stories intersect in the near future?


Lieberman: Military Force Against Iran “If We Absolutely Must”

Senator Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., in what his staff is billing as “a major policy address” on Wednesday, plans to deliver a sharp warning for Iran’s leadership that military action should remain on the table should the authoritarian regime refuse to halt its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

In a speech on “the Future of American Power in the Middle East,” to be delivered at the Council on Foreign Relations, the senator, a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, will “up the rhetorical ante against Iran“, according to an aide, and discuss the next stage if current sanctions do not work.

“It is time to retire our ambiguous mantra about all options remaining on the table. Our message to our friends and enemies in the region needs to become clearer: namely, that we will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability — by peaceful means if we possibly can, but with military force if we absolutely must,” Lieberman is expected to say, according to his staff who provided the excerpt to Fox News.


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