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This is the prophecy that weighs on my mind and heart the most recently.  I have to constantly ask for the Lords aid in lifting this worry/concern.  It grieves me greatly to see so many being mis-led and deceived.

I find myself constantly checking and double checking the background/core beliefs of any “new” author I hear of or are recommended.  It is a minefield out there.  Some days I just want to throw up my hands and say “Lord, where do I turn for help and understanding?”  And I always hear the same response, “My Word.”

It is really the answer.  Anything man has touched can be corrupted but God’s Word, His Son, and His Word are true and everlasting.  It is easily said to rely on “His Word” but sometimes we need a little help interpreting what it all means or lack the patience to stick with it as long as it takes for its meaning to be revealed.

I agree with Jim on his statements below.  We really need to be very guarded with what we believe, taking everything back to God’s Word for validation.  We need to look before the surface to see what their core beliefs are.

This is a fight that needs to be fought to help protect our children and wake folks up from the rampant deception of this world.  It is a hard fight, but we must lean on the Lord.


Jun 4, 2012

The War on Bible Prophecy, Part 486

That’s tongue-in-cheek, of course—barely. I’ve written before about what I am calling the “War on Bible Prophecy,” and the truth is, I could write about it endlessly, because it is so pervasive in American evangelical circles today.

Never thought you’d read a statement like that, did you?

I didn’t, either.

This is not a mystery. The future scenario outlined by God in Genesis 3—the enmity between the woman and her Seed, and the serpent and his seed—is clearly played-out today, as the world loathes both Israel and the Messiah.

So then, a key battleground in this long war against Israel is the current direct attack on Bible prophecy.

In his book, The Emerging Church, Dan Kimball makes the following statement:

“The basis of learning has shifted from logic and rational, systematic thought to the realm of experience. People increasingly long for the mystical and the spiritual rather than the evidential and fact-based faith of the modern soil.”

A couple points. Those young people today who are leaning in this direction are doing so because Dan Kimball and his friends are pushing them in that direction with their mystical teachings. Secondly, his comment of course is heavily biased; there are also plenty of people left who will respond to that approach that Emergents so hate, the “evidential and fact-based” apologetic that worked so well the last 2,000 years, between the time of Christ and the apostles…and Dan Kimball.

At a Catalyst Conference in March, 2011, speaker Christine Caine said, “God is still in the miracle business today.”

He certainly is, but the problem for Caine and her friends in Emergent is that they so dislike the eschatology of their parents and grandparents that they are ignoring the biggest miracle in our world today: the fulfillment of predictive prophecy, centered around of course Israel.

Emergents (Caine might dispute that she is Emergent, but the fact is, she pals-around with tons of them) hate Bible prophecy because it pushes against their own understanding of prophecy: man can save himself and is carving-out a glorious future.

This latter view is in direct contrast to the biblical view, which is crystal clear: the Savior must return to prevent man from destroying himself. Of course, if you are a Purpose-Driven pastor or follower drunk on your own accomplishments, this is a hateful view!

Let me digress just for a moment, and attempt to show you what we are up against, in the battle for the hearts and minds of young people—all of whom could find the freedom they so long for, in the God of the Bible.

Brad Lomenick, who leads the Catalyst team (www.catalystspace.com), periodically lists people he’d love to meet. A few months ago, he published another list, and added a list from his assistant, Michelle Hoeft. Among the folks they’d love to have dinner with:


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