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Below is a great article from Rapture Ready by Todd this week.

He does a good job outlining the deception and manipulation that is going on these days.

It is one of the major signs the Lord used to draw me into Bible Prophecy and it is escalating more every day to the point that today, they do not even try to hide it.


Sep 5, 2011

The Liberal Media Pulling Strings

I have always maintained that the liberal media is Satan’s most effective tool for guiding and controlling society. It is the flesh and bone of spiritual forces that seek to guide and corrupt our society. In the past few years, the liberal media seems to have become more active in fulfilling the will of its master.

It is almost pointless to try to combat the social and political ills unless you take into consideration the liberal media. It has the power to set the rules. By putting its thumb on the scale, it can determine the winner of most public debates.

The finger of blame is rarely ever pointed at the liberal media for society’s ills. This is because the press is in charge of fixing the blame. Letting the liberal media decide if it’s partly to blame for our country’s moral decline is like putting tobacco companies in charge of finding out what causes lung cancer.


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