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In my previous post I mentioned the “more-itis” that most of us, myself included, suffer from especially here in the West.  Camilla lays out our common struggle, bare before our eyes.  It is the honest truth, and I know so as it cuts like a knife.  Hopefully, it will inspire you as it has me to again, shift directions, away from the things of this world and back to God our only true shelter in these times.  We are on a journey of constant daily course corrections as we navigate the narrow path through this world to pick up our cross daily.

Maranatha, Lord come quickly!



I Have To Have That

By Camilla Smith

I am sure many of you are feeling the fog in the brain that Satan is sending our way recently. It is simply static. What is it about clarity and keeping focused? I am having so much trouble lately, keeping my eye on the prize and honing in on my purpose as a Christian and an end-times “watchman.” Maybe it is Satan.  Maybe it is eBay.   Frankly, I think they are one and the same. But lately, I am finding myself jumping right back into the world and looking for those little comforts that money can afford.   Which brings me to my next I-Pod-while-walking lesson.  

All this walking has helped me to shed quite a few pounds and happily, lose a few clothing sizes. New wardrobe you say? Why of course! How about a few handbags and several pairs of shoes to go with that? Yes, please. Okay, but when is enough, enough? It is enough now. I am starting to feel dazed and delirious and I am ready to get off this little whirlwind tour down Cash and Carry Lane.  

So I will. With God’s help, I will get back to that I-Pod and pay attention to the song that seems to come on more often than any of them…“I’d Rather Have Jesus.” Oh, yes it does, seems like every fourth song. Subtle, isn’t it?   


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