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Concerns of christian persecution…


Bishops Discuss Middle East Threats to Christians

A two-week conference of bishops is underway in the Vatican to discuss the future of the dwindling Middle East’s Muslim-threatened Christian communities.

Pope Benedict XVI has convened Catholic bishops from all over the Middle East to discuss and debate how to save the minority Christian communities in the area. Issues under discussion include strife in Iraq, the Israeli-Arab conflict, radical Islam, the divisions among the region’s many Christian churches, and the economic situation.

While Christian demographics in the Middle East vary from country to country, the overall trend is the same: down. Christians currently account for some 5 percent of the region’s population, compared with some 20 percent 100 years ago. In Turkey, for instance, where the Christian minority numbered 20 percent a century ago, it today is one-hundredth of that, or 0.2 percent of the total population.


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