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Good article on North Korea and the situation we find ourselves in.  All of these prophecy signs seem to be converging and speeding up.  Anyways, good article from Rapture Ready’s Nearing Midnight section…


Nov 22, 2010

The North Korean Problem

North Korea has once again launched an unprovoked attack against South Korea. Last week, the North fired a barrage of artillery shells at the island of Yeonpyeong, killing four people and injuring dozens more.

In March, North Korea attacked a South Korean patrol boat and killed forty-six sailors. The North denied it was involved in the sinking, but investigators found overwhelming evidence pointing to a strike from a North Korean torpedo.

It is easy to see a clear pattern of escalation on the part of North Korea. For several years, Kim Jong Il alarmed his neighbors by either conducting a series of missile tests or by working on a nuclear program. The inability of the world powers to confront North Korea’s reckless behavior has caused us to reach a point that Kim Jong Il is willing to kill people to draw attention to himself or his future successor, his son, Kim Jong Un.


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