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This is quite spooky, maybe even a little un-nerving.

I guess this answers the question of how Google could afford to give away free email service.

With all of the android phones out there, it is going to be major if this moves out of beta.

Talk about stage-setting for end times control, being able to search all users email content back to the beginning of Google.



Google to include people’s Gmail in search results

Aug 8, 6:39 PM (ET)


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Google is creating an information bridge between its influential Internet search engine and its widely used Gmail service in its latest attempt to deliver more personal responses more quickly.

The experimental feature unveiled Wednesday will enable Google’s search engine to mine the correspondence stored within a user’s Gmail account for any data tied to a search request. For example, a query containing the word “Amazon” would pull emails with shipping information sent by the online retailer.

Such Gmail results will typically be shown to the right of the main results, though in some instances, the top of the search page will highlight an answer extracted directly from an email. For example, the request “my flight” will show specific airline information imported from Gmail. Something similar could eventually happen when searching for a restaurant reservation or tickets to a concert.


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