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Prophecy Headlines for this morning and over the weekend…


Solicitor General: Rejecting 'Obamacare' would be 'grave and profound'... – One World Government / Control
WASHPOST poll records 'no' vote on Obamacare as 'yes'... - Deception

PAPER: Dem-appointed justices will move in lockstep; GOP-appointed justices look to Constitution... - Deception

WAR DRUMS: Iran 'planned to bomb Israeli ship in Suez Canal'... – Psalm 83 War / Ezekiel 38 War
Anti-war movement stirs in Israel... – Psalm 83 War / Ezekiel 38 War

Egypt's Islamist groups consolidate power... – Deception / One World Religion
...tighten grip on power – Deception / One World Religion
Military lashes... – Deception / One World Religion
Tunisians step up demand for Islamic state... – Deception / One World Religion

China unveils new police powers of detention... – One World Government / Control

Obama's disbelief after staring into NKorea... - Deception
Japan to deploy Patriot missiles in Tokyo... – Rumors of War

No chance for peace – Psalm 83 War / Ezekiel 38 War

UFO in Russia? Huge ‘UFO fragment’ discovered in Siberia – Deception

Syrian Air Force intelligence chief killed, opposition websites report – Psalm 83 War

First round of Supreme Court health care hearings not about health care – One World Government / Control / Deception

Syria unrest: Divided opposition seeks ‘national pact’ – Psalm 83 War / Isaiah 17

‘Israel to cut off contacts with UN Human Rights Council’ – Anti-Semitism / Zechariah 12:3

Turkey says temporarily shuts embassy in Syria – Psalm 83 War / Isaiah 17

7.2 magnitude quake strikes central Chile: USGS – Earthquakes

Merkel: Eurozone must avoid Greek exit – One World Government

Report: Iran planned to bomb Israeli ship in Suez Canal – Psalm 83 War / Ezekiel 38 War

‘Still time for diplomacy with Iran but window closing’ – Zechariah 12:3 / Deception

Military defectors unite under Free Syrian Army – Psalm 83 War / Isaiah 17

Germans can’t escape their Lutheran past – One World Government

Japan tsunami ‘ghost ship’ drifting to Canada – Weather Signs

Australia hit by biggest quake in 15 years – Earthquakes

Blasts shake Homs as Syria rebels hit back – Psalm 83 War / Isaiah 17

SKorea: NKorea moves rocket to launch site – Rumors of War

US lawmakers release some aid to Palestinians – Zechariah 12:3

Iran helping Assad to put down protests, officials say – Psalm 83 War / Isaiah 17

On world stage, Obama confronts nuclear threats – Deception

Annan takes Syria peace plan to Russia – Psalm 83 War / Isaiah 17

Obama taps public health expert for World Bank – Deception

Media blackout on Obama eligibility near-total – Deception

Obama’s Ex-Medicare chief joins Soros-funded op – Deception

China at odds with U.S. on Iran arms sales – Psalm 83 War / Ezekiel 38 War

New Agers head for apocalypse rescue – Deception / False Messiah

‘Gay’ case puts speech in category with torture – Deception / Christian Persecution

See where Christian church growth is ‘explosive’ – Church Falling Away

Bull’s-eye placed on European Christians – Christian Persecution

‘Bring Your Kids!’: Atheist Performer Drops 75+ F-Bombs On Stage at ‘Reason Rally’ (WARNING: EXPLICIT VIDEO) – Christian Persecution / Deception

‘Beat by Hand or Stick’: Islamic Marriage Guide Teaches Husbands How to Control Their Wives – Deception

‘God Is a Myth’: Watch a Preview of The Blaze‘s Epic Coverage of Atheists’ ‘Woodstock for Non-Belief’ – Deception

Landmark Philly Priest Abuse Trial to Commence on Monday – Church Falling Away

This Is the Offensive ‘Rape Culture’ Ad a Vodka Company Pulled – Days of Noah

CNNMoney Caught Changing Report on ‘Green’ Jobs Numbers, Casting Them in More Positive Light – Deception

High gas prices: Remember how the media treated Bush? – Deception

Turkish Shampoo Ad Blasted For Using Hitler to Sell Product – Anti-Semitism


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