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If you haven’t looked into what Agenda 21 is you should.  It is something that is heading our way and picking up steam.  Daymond included a web link to a site where you can look up to see if your city or county has signed up to be a part of this.  It is really insidious.



(Environmentalism Gone Wild)

By Daymond Duck

I recently learned that a speaker would be discussing Agenda 21 at our local Tea Party meeting. Knowing that Agenda 21 was established by the United Nations to help bring in one-world government and that it has enjoyed the support of luminaries such as Pres. George H. W. Bush (1992 Earth Summit), Pres. Bill Clinton (Executive Order 12858) and Pres. Barack Obama (Executive Order 13575), I decided to attend.

This hideous idea has been around for more than a quarter of a century. For many of those years, it was in the discussion stage, but it has now moved to the implementation stage. In the United States, it has made its way into every state in the union. Those who want to know if it has come to their city, town or county can find out by going to www.iclei.org. At the top of the page, on the horizontal menu click on “Members.” In the left margin of the page that comes up, click on “Global Members.” When that page comes up, scroll down to “United States of America” and click. You will find more than five hundred places on a list that will soon be much larger.


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