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I have been struggling over the last few years with feeling like I don’t fit in to any of the churches we have belonged to.  This has weighed heavily upon me as the Spiritual Leader of my family.  I take the Lord’s word very seriously.

The feeling has just been that things just aren’t right, not foundational enough, as if we are drifting when we try to assimilate with the other members.  I have seen flashes here or there but nothing solid that I feel I want to anchor my family to.

I have been told by friend and family that I just need to get more involved and the reason that I don’t feel comfortable is that I am not truly part of the “family”, but that doesn’t resonate well when I search my heart.  It is deeper than that.  The reasons I have resisted are captured well in the articles below.  I couldn’t have summed them up better.  I feel like I am being called to something bigger, something I can anchor my family on.  I am just not sure where that is.  Until I find out, we will stay immersed in the word of God during this journey, trusting in Him alone.

I share these words and the two articles below in hopes that they resonate with others that are on the same path as me, maybe in a similar state.  I was asked recently how I come up with the posts that I put up here.  I don’t think I answered him clearly at the time but I can tell you I feel led to these topics by the Holy Spirit.

This morning I sat down at six something in the morning (later than normal), and starring through sleep weary eyes at my Bible.  I prayed for the Lord to show me his will and give me discernment as I usually do each day.  I wasn’t sure what part of the word I should read this morning so I started flipping through the new testament of a new Bible I had purchased.  The title of the section for Philippians 3:18 – 4:1 caught my eye.  I can’t even tell you offhand what the title was but I started reading. When I was done, I felt as thought the Lord had shown me what I needed.

Did I know exactly what that was?  No, but I have found through faith that if I ponder those verses throughout the day, He will lead me where He wants me to be.  Some days it is clearer than others.  Today I know it was crystal clear at about 9am.  When I got to about 80% of the way through Tucker’s article below, there it was Philippians 3:18 – 4:1 with the words “stand fast” underlined.  It all became clear.  The other articles I had highlighted to post later today aligned perfectly to what I read and was feeling in my soul.

Again, I share this because I want others to know that the Holy Spirit does work in our lives every day.  Is it a voice from above, a vision, or a dream?  No, nothing that dramatic for me, it is simply a feeling, a thought, or a prompting, that if I listen to it (this is key) then I can know God’s will for me that day and feel at peace.

We need to quiet this noisy, busy world and slow down enough to hear it.  And it isn’t going to be something large most of the time.  There is a reason Jesus used the analogy of sowing seeds.  Seeds are small, tiny in a lot of cases, but they grow into enormous plants.  The same is true of the gospel, we are simply asked to sow the seeds (i.e. plant the seed).  God’s word and the Holy Spirit make it grow. So maybe this post and article are the seed for someone, or maybe you are feeling the same as me and this encourages you as it did me to stand strong, stand fast.

We ARE being called to be part of His Remnant Church.  I feel the call.  Do you?

Maranatha! – Lord Come Quickly!



The Rise of the Remnant Church I

By Tucker Whitaker

Definition: Remnant – that which remains, or is set apart. A distinct part of a larger whole.

In these last days, I believe God is still doing a work that will impact the world. I believe He is calling out a Holy Remnant Church, dedicated to Jesus Christ and focused on doing His work during these last days. I believe God is raising up a church that is committed to Him and His cause who are a holy remnant, a group of people who are steadfast and sure of their God.

The Remnant Church I’m speaking of has no relationship to replacement theology, nor to the Adventist remnant theology, nor to the theology of the modern day Judaizers who claim to be Christians yet require adherence to Old Testament Jewish laws. The Remnant Church is at the core of the True Church… the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ set apart from the apostate churches that dominate the world today.

Today, many are witnessing, and are becoming a part of an interesting phenomenon, where folks are leaving the structure and security of “traditional” organized churches, denominations and memberships, to follow hard after God. This extraordinary migration is little understood by establishment Christianity.

Perhaps the Lord Jesus Christ is calling His Remnant Church to Himself at the end of this age to worship and teach in simplicity and doctrinal purity. Perhaps the desire to be obedient to the Word and to understand Bible Prophecy and to fulfill the great commission and the great commandment has birthed an early church understanding of what it truly means to follow Christ. Perhaps God is preparing a people to stand and hold forth truth in a world where people and “churches” are consumed with materialism, prosperity, self centered pursuits and desires, and tolerance for those things that are unbiblical. Perhaps a time of final testing for the true church and Israel is upon us, a time for the Remnant Church to “Stand” for Christ. Whatever the ultimate reason, folks are coming out, and almost immediately they understand the need to adapt to this new and extraordinary environment where the Sufficiency of Christ is taught, that Christ alone is indeed all they need.

Today, the mainstream churches have turned away from the gospel and are full of wickedness; they have embraced the world and humanistic ideals. In what were the houses of God, there is no power or spiritual authority, and in fact, there is no presence of the Lord at all. But I believe there is a remnant of people, a Remnant Church, comprised of those who are diligently seeking to understand the scriptures, all of God’s Word.

The Remnant Church is that part of the Body of Jesus Christ that knows they are sons of God, and that are hearing from and following the leading of His Holy Spirit. Within the Remnant Church there is coming a deeper intimacy (more…)

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