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I read a statistic recently that really jumped out at me.  Americans on average spend about 140 hours each month in front of the TV.  Now I knew it was high but had no idea it was that high.  (There are 168 hours in a week!)

My heart really sunk when a couple of days later I read another article about how much time do we spend in God’s word.  Can it even be counted in hours for the week? or month?  We are jammed packed with one minute devotionals.  But do we spend anytime reading Gods actual word, and pondering it, studying it.

It hit me last week how far we have strayed from God’s actual word.  On Sunday our worship leader read the scripture from “The Message” translation (interpretation) of the Bible.  My wife turned to me and stated: “why do we need to recite an interpretation of God’s word when we have God’s actual word!”  I must say it was a brilliant observation, one I think we quite often overlook.  We spend so much time and money on interpretations, and none in God’s literal word.

So getting back on track, you have totaled up your hours for the week, how many of those are from God’s literal word?  (I (more…)

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