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This was a major sign.  God is trying to get our attention.  There have been over 100 aftershocks of over 5.0.  This quake hit at a depth of only 6 miles about 81 miles off the coast.  That is quite a big rupture in the earths crust!  150 miles by 50 miles.  Sending 8 foot waves halfway across our planet.


Earth crust rupture 150 miles long, 50 miles wide...

WASHINGTON (AP) — A massive earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan Friday was the strongest quake in the area in nearly 1,200 years.

David Applegate, a senior science adviser for earthquake and geologic hazards for the U.S. Geological Survey, said the 8.9-magnitude quake ruptured a patch of the earth’s crust 150 miles long and 50 miles across.

He said the earthquake, which also spawned a massive tsunami that hit Japan before racing across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States, likely caused tens of billions of dollars in structural damage in Japan.

Laura K. Furgione, deputy director for the National Weather Service, said the tsunami first hit Hawaii early Friday morning. An 8.1-foot wave destroyed piers and docks in Crescent City, Calif., later Friday.


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