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Are you having any luck finding it?

This can be for believers and non-believers.  Even through we as believers do not ever lose the Holy Spirit, we can certainly ignore Him with the distractions of this world to the point of “hardening” our heart. 

If you are feeling distant from God, or have never felt close to God, maybe you need to focus on softening your heart and He will find you?

The Truth (God) will set you free.

The Truth is all around us everyday in His creation.

Maranatha, Lord come quickly!



Are You Searching For The Truth?

By Dan Payne

Over the years, I have read several stories about people who said they spent some great portion of their lives searching for the “truth”. Some of them searched in literal places, like Calcutta and the summit of Mt. Everest. Others searched in the texts of ancient Greek philosophers, like Socrates and Aristotle. Still others searched in various “holy” books like the Koran, the Book of Mormon, and yes, even the Holy Bible. I wonder what kind of heart these people were searching with, was it hard or soft?

A proud and hard heart says that it takes some great effort on your part to seek God and find “truth”. A soft and humble heart says it takes no effort on your part; all of the effort was taken on the part of Jesus Christ at the cross.

To compare hard vs. soft in this context, think of a sponge that is not completely dried out. It is soft and porous, able to receive any liquid poured onto to it, until it’s filled to capacity. Liquid that is poured onto the sponge becomes liquid that is poured into the sponge. Now (more…)

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