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Apostasy!  It is a major sign of the last days.  Are we experiencing it?

A good test is to ask your friends and family about Christ’s Second Coming or the Rapture this weekend.

What a great time, thanksgiving, to bring it up?  You might be surprised at what you hear and feel coming back your way.  Even those that wear the name christian, seem to be shrugging off the second coming or the rapture or the end time signs.

It is a good test to see how attached we are to this world.  Are we looking forward to Christ’s return, or do we feel it would mess up our plans?  Do we have to many things yet to do in this world? 

The video/audio below is a grouping of portions of sermons that are very pointed and probably what most don’t want to think about.  They speak in love, to fellow brothers and sisters, it is not being said based on growing their congregation, but to wake us up to what Jesus has called us to do.

The part that really hit home for me was his statement about when was the last time you spent an hour with Jesus.  Have we set aside an hour each day to spend with Christ, the number one priority in our lives.  Is he?  I was guilty.  Maybe if you pieced together all of my 5-10 minute segments, but is that quality time.  We use that argument with our kids and loved ones, how about Christ Jesus?

When was the last time you heard a sermon as pointed as the ones in the video.  Think about that as you listen.  It is the Truth!  It is pointed, but it is the Truth, the Word of God!

God Bless, let us hear the Truth and take it to heart…


Frank DiMora’s Blog:

In the past two weeks two members of my own family who claim they are Christians have said the following: “You have been saying the Lord is coming back soon for years, they were saying the same thing 2000 years ago and Jesus still hasn’t returned”. Over the years I have noticed more people saying the same thing. These people who say these things aren’t reading the Word of God, and they are unaware that what they stated was actually a fulfillment of prophecy for the last days.  Why is this important? Watch the video below.


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