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It is amazing how much deception is out there.  It is now the rule and not the exception.

This prophecy is being fulfilled.  Good will be called evil and evil, good.

Every poll out there is skewed.  Every one of them…

This is insane!

Check it out…

Maranatha – Lord, Come quickly!



‘Unskewed’ polls show nearly 8-point Romney lead

NEW YORK – Arguing that most of the major polls reported by establishment media are “skewed” in favor of the Democratic Party and incumbent Barack Obama, a website contends that a true gauge of the presidential race, based on more realistic models, shows Republican challenger Mitt Romney leading by an average of nearly eight points.

In its daily readjustment of the polling data, UnskewedPoll.com also produces a table showing the spread in President Obama’s approval/disapproval ratio is an average of 8.8 percent more disapproval, as of Monday.

Not a single major poll or approval/disapproval index favors Obama when Unskewed.com’s analysis is applied.

The website says there is Democratic bias in polling because of over-sampling Democrats based on voter exit polls in the 2008 presidential election, when enthusiasm for a then relatively unknown but charismatic presidential candidate boosted Democratic Party voter registration and turnout to historic levels.

Race beginning to look a lot like 1980? What might Ronald Reagan’s victory path mean?


Source: http://unskewedpolls.com/ LV = Likely Voters, RV=Registered Voters, MoE=Margin of Error


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