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It seems the Lord is sending me a message early in this new year.  I have had the thoughts and feelings to slow down and listen, calm my mind, clear my life of the “clutter”.  Normally, I get this feeling every year, wanting to rid my life of stuff and simplify but normally it is just physical stuff and yes I still have those feelings but it is different this year.  I feel the Lord is really trying to get through to me to quiet my mind and listen, block out all the “noise” of today and truly listen, because time is short.  I think “time is short” is the secondary message I am getting.  It is the feeling when someone calls you over to tell you something important and says shhh, shhh, we need to focus here and execute.

This morning I posted an article I have read a few weeks back before the holidays, saved off and re-read this morning after my prayers.  It was the one the Lord led me to and I was prompted to post.   Then this evening, I listen to my favorite paster from the islands out west, and toward the end, he tells a story about the same topic, we need to “hear the still small voice”.

Are we slowing down to hear what God is asking us?

That is the question I am asking myself everyday now, are you?



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