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The Frozen Chosen

Article on the peace talks and the worlds stance on Israel…


The Frozen Chosen

How ironic that the Jews are God’s Chosen People, yet the world demands of them a “settlement freeze” in the biblical heartland. Congressman Mike Pence recently said that he never thought he’d live to see the day an American administration would put such pressure on the state of Israel.


I was staying once at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem—an “Arab hotel,” as an Israeli friend put it—and my first morning there I strolled down to the lobby.

Placed on the registration counter were brochures for guides and language classes, all designed to “help” foreign journalists. The Colony is famous for the fact that many of its guests are foreign journalists, diplomats, and World Bank-types.

I picked up a brochure and a young clerk noticed.

“Would you like to schedule a tour of the West Bank, sir?” she smiled sweetly.


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