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The article below by Jack Kelly, does a good job summing up what I have been feeling this Christmas season.  I have felt this season more reflective, and a focus on savoring the small things. 

Trying to focus on generosity instead of all of the stuff that usually surrounds holidays these days.

Kind of a back to the basics sort of approach. 

Even more interesting is what I have not been feeling to the degree I have in years past.  I have not felt anxious, or overwhelmed.  I am saddened by all of the evil that is overwhelming the world but internally, I feel at peace, maybe even a little excited for what we are on the cusp of.  If asked “what” we are on the edge of, I would have to say honestly I don’t know exactly, my blessed hope just like Paul is that Christ’s Return is near, the Rapture, but it could just be another series of sorrows.  But it just feels different. 

I feel an acceleration is coming, it feels like the calm right before the storm, where things are peaceful and then the 100 mph winds hit 2 minutes later.

Maybe it is just the time I took off from posting helped me step back from the barrage of signs and events.  Maybe it is the realization of God’s true distinction of “good” people from saved.  (more on that in a future article)  But I think not, its more than that.  It is a reassuring peace. 

But it really does feel different this Christmas, it defies the “reality” of our world but maybe it is not a “peace” of this world.

God’s christmas gift is where our focus should be…

May God Bless each of you this Christmas season and may you remember what the true meaning is behind it all.



The Last Christmas?

by Jack Kelly 

Whether you’re following commentaries by prophecy scholars on the nearness of the rapture or predictions by financial experts on the nearness of the world’s economic downfall, the message is the same. This could very well be the last time we celebrate Christmas as we’ve come to know it.

And that’s a good thing. Because for most of the world, Christmas has become little more than an annual exercise in spending money we don’t have to buy things they don’t need for the people on our list, some of whom we don’t even like.  Add to that the sad fact that millions of American families are doing this from homes they no longer own, adding to a debt load they can hardly carry now, and you can see the level to which the world has sunk. And the saddest fact of all is they aren’t doing this out of any gratitude for what the Lord has given them.  They’re doing this because for a brief period of time they can pretend everything’s OK.

For believers it should be a different story, although most of us are totally unaware that the greatest event in Church history is looming on our horizon. The coming rapture should be energizing the body of Christ and causing a massive reorientation of our priorities and yet current polls indicate that over 90% of us are still focused on the secular world and the fading illusion of happiness it offers, rather than the incredible promises of the Bible.


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