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The two articles below outline where we are headed with the fuss being made about the non-existent, unwatched video degrading the prophet Muhammad.  It is a distraction and something to manufacture outrage and create crisis.

It is very obvious to anyone who studies prophecy that we are seeing the beginning stages of fulfillment and some tense times for the US if we do not get out in front of this and stop the train that is steamrolling our freedoms.

You need to be aware of this and look up / research a plan called “The Project”.  A two part documentary is going to be on dish network tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm est and probably the internet by Thursday or Friday.  It is the plan by the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the west and complete their domination and global caliphate.

Read the headline below and think about that for a minute…

They want to Criminalize contempt of Islam!

Freedom of speech gone, freedom of religion gone, freedom in general gone… have any of our media covered this?

Reuters has…

Maranatha – Lord Come Quickly!



Egypt Salafi urges U.N. to criminalize contempt of Islam

By Marwa Awad

CAIRO | Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:19pm EDT

(Reuters) – Egypt’s president and other Muslim leaders should demand the U.N. criminalize contempt of religion after the release of an anti-Islamic film and cartoons which demonstrate growing racism, said the leader of the biggest ultra-orthodox Islamist party.

Despite doctrinal and political differences with President Mohamed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafist Nour Party played a key role in supporting it during presidential elections in June.

Led by Emad Abdel Ghaffour, it now ranks as the second-largest party in parliament and plays a formidable force in Egypt’s new politics.

“We call for legislation or a resolution to criminalize contempt of Islam as a religion and its Prophet,” said Ghaffour, one of four permanent assistants to the president, on Saturday.

“The voice of reason in the West will prevail if there is mutual respect, dialogue and efficient lobbying for this critical resolution,” he told Reuters in an interview.


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