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Oh 2013 is going to be an exciting year for signs in heavens.

The article below is a must read with lots of fascinating facts of what we will be seeing this year, when we have seen these things in the past, and what they usually meant.

But “Signs in Heavens” never seems to get the correct billing these days.  When ever I bring it up, I always get a shoulder shrug or a so what.

Here are some of my theories for why that is.

  1. First off I think the sky’s are simply not as spectacular these days due to all of the light “pollution” we have from man-made lights at night.  Have you ever been out in the country at night and looked up at the sky or maybe on a beach away from cities and towns.  It is breath-taking all the wonders that are up there.
  2. Second, man-made light has some what taken the “shine” off the stars.  Back in biblical times we did not have any glowing/twinkling light sources.  Just fire (candle-light) which looks a lot different from stars.
  3. Third, we are much more of an indoor society these days and rarely spend anytime outside, let alone after dark.
  4. Fourth, we through our technology generate all sorts of “unbelievable” effects in our movies, TV, games, etc.  We lose track of what is real and what is fake.
  5. Finally, we are so busy as a society that we rarely take the time, to stop and breath, lay down (many miles away from light sources) and gaze at the stars for a couple of hours (not just a minute or two).  This was a common pass time back then, like we have video games or TV today.  Star gazing was a top night-time entertainment activity.

I think because of one of the above four factors or maybe a combination of all of them, most people are missing out on how spectacular these events are going to be.

Actually, I don’t think they will miss them, but they will underestimate them leading up to the event.  God is going to put on quite a show to get man’s attention.

Maranatha, Lord come quickly!



Comet Ison, Celestial Events & The Return Of Christ

Later this year, Comet ISON will pass through the asteroid belt, enter the Inner Solar System and sidestep Mars on its way past Earth, putting on what scientists expect will be a spectacular heavenly show that is not to be missed.

Comets offer one of the most spectacular celestial scenes the unaided human eye can see. By November or December, ISON is expected to be brighter than a full moon. Some believe it will be up to 15 times brighter.

While ISON may prove to be brighter than any other comet of the last century, this trip may also be its swan song, as it is projected to end its flight in a fiery death in the sun.

Read about the solar flares that are forecast to hit at the same time, in “A Nation Forsaken – EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe.”

Comets are made of several parts. The core, or nucleus, is a solid snowball of dust and ice. As the comet nears the sun, the nucleus heats up, releasing the mixture of gas, called the coma, and dust, which forms the tail. There is also a plasma ion tail, which can be several hundred million miles long.

Occasionally, a comet is dislodged from its orbit and makes its way toward Earth.

Comet ISON, currently in the vicinity of Jupiter, was discovered by two Russian amateur astronomers, Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok, using a 16-inch International Scientific Optical Network (more…)

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