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Warnings to make sure our priorities are in order.  We need to be concerned about our finances to a point but not to a point of obsession or fretting.  I like his quote at the end:

“He advises the best investment is for people to humble themselves, pray and seek God’s face, and turn from their wicked ways — a reference to 2 Chronicles 7:14.”


Silver, gold prices coming down?

Gold barsBased on the information from today’s media, it may not seem plausible to think the gold and silver boom could become bust, but one investor points out that the bubble could soon reach its end.

Every day there are advertisements, sometimes during every commercial break, that proclaim even though gold and silver prices are at an all-time high, they will only get higher. But Art Ally, president of the biblically minded investment group The Timothy Plan, says it is possible that the industry could soon hit rock bottom.

Art Ally (more…)

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