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One of the ways God used to wake me up was an ability to detect deception.  I have always had a strong sense of right and wrong as well as a discernment of both. 

Over the last 4-5 years, I have been overwhelmed by the level of deception in our society.  (I physically feel exhausted some days.)  You really can not believe your eyes or ears these days. 

It seems like everyone lies or spins things to the point that there is little truth left.  Yet as a society, we have become even less inclined to point it out.  We each are lied to on a daily basis if not hourly.  Some of these lies have been so rooted in our new culture that they are taken as fact, unchallenged.  For if you dare challenge/question them you are labeled nasty names and sometimes worse.

They are taught to our kids and beat into us throughout our daily lives.  You can not escape it, it is everywhere you turn.

Jesus warned us of the deception in the last days.  It has become the norm. 

We have gone so far now, that so many groups and concepts are named one thing but stand for the complete opposite.  We must be on guard for this and find refuge in God’s Word.  (Even that is under attack, see my previous article.)  It is as if up is down and white is black.

May God give us the discernment to see the great deception that fills this world today!

The article I linked below is just one small example of the level of deception that our day-to-day world presents to us.  Who do you believe?  How do you find the truth?  Where are the defenders of truth?


Woman Seated Near Beck at Movie Claims Innocence…But What Does Twitter Tell Us…(With UPDATES!)


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