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Dale really hit the nail on the head with the article below.

All the nations problems, ALL of them, would be solved by turning back to God.  Not just giving it lip service, but reading His Word (The Bible) every day (twice a day) and bringing our issues and problems to go through prayer daily, starting every meeting with prayer to guide us.

It would only take one action to change course.  A leader to lead by example, not simply words.  What ever happened to the saying “actions speak louder than words”.  We have forgotten these simple truths as a nation.

One statement jumped out at me in Dales article about halfway through.

Nothing pleases Satan more than every time he can place a ‘wall of separation’ between God and people.

When we separate ourselves from God through turning away or succumbing to sin, not only do we miss out on the joy of our closeness to God (since he must pull away) but we also open ourselves up to Satan’s advances to gain more power and control over our lives by filling the void.

That is what we have seen as a nation when on that pivotal day in the 1960’s we expelled God from our schools.  It was the (more…)

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