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More tension around the peace process.   Last week I posted an article that the PA was planning to ask the UN to proclaim the PA an independent state outside the peace process, this looks like the response to both sides.  It is amazing to watch all of this unfold and for little Israel to be the central focus of the world.  Especially with everything else going on, just think about it…


UN Message on Negotiations was a Veiled Warning to PA

A diplomatic United Nations warning, interpreted by pro-Arab media as aimed at Israel, also was a veiled message to the Palestinian Authority not to try to ask the international body to declare the PA as a country.

Assistant Secretary-General Oscar Fernandez-Taranco told the UN Security Council on Monday that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon believes “if the door to peace closes it will be very hard to open.”  However Taranco added—in statement that was not as widely quoted—that “there is no alternative to a negotiated settlement resulting in the creation of an independent and viable” PA state.


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