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So things are moving so fast from a prophecy stage setting and fulfillment stand point that it is hard to keep up.  I use to go and pull articles each day and post.  I then moved to weekly.  And then simply gave up on headlines as their were just so many.  I decided today to take another shot at it to see if things were moving as fast as I thought they were.  They are.

Below I pulled articles just from the last three days (Dec 4th-6th) and only for three categories and I came up with 75 articles at only one of my sources for headlines.  Amazing.

The three topics I included:

Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Extreme Weather

Ezekiel 38 War / Psalm 83 War / Zechariah 12:3

Globalization (One World Government/One World Currency/One World Religion)

These are not minor articles either, these are major events that are currently or will soon occur.

Maranatha Lord, come quickly!



Earthquakes / Volcanos / Extreme Weather

Next year’s “brightest comet in modern times” to be “once in a civilization” event
But that hasn’t dampened enthusiasm for what Astronomy Now is awkwardly calling “a once-in-a-civilisation’s-lifetime” event. The comet expert John E. Bortle is already comparing ISON with the Great Comet of 1680, which, according to contemporary accounts, caused the people of New York’s Manhattan Island to be “overcome with terror at a sight in the heavens such as has seldom greeted human eyes…. In the province of New York a day of fasting and humiliation was appointed, in order that the wrath of God might be assuaged.”

Mystery tremors puzzle experts
Corsicana — Reports of earthquake-like tremors starting Tuesday afternoon and continuing until early Wednesday can’t be confirmed as true earthquakes, but experts can’t say what it is, either. “We started getting calls at 3:09 p.m. (Tuesday),” said Eric Meyers, Navarro County Emergency Coordinator. “The first calls were north of Corsicana in the Hickory Hollow area with two separate residents out there reporting unusual tremors being felt along with a rumbling type of noise.”

Philippines finds survivors after typhoon kills 332
Rescue workers found a 54-year-old man alive on Thursday who had survived on coconuts for two days after a powerful typhoon ravaged the south of the Philippines killing 332 people, with hundreds missing.

Earthquake shakes eastern Iran; 5 killed, several injured in rural areas
the 5.5-magnitude quake hit South Khorasan province in eastern Iran near the border with Afghanistan at 20:38 local time (17:08 GMT) Wednesday.

Scientists pinpoint great-earthquake hot spots
“We find that 87% of the 15 largest (8.6 magnitude or higher) and half of the 50 largest (8.4 magnitude or higher) earthquakes of the past century are associated with intersection regions between oceanic fracture zones and subduction zones,” says Dietmar Müller, researcher at the University of Sydney in Australia and lead author of the Solid Earth paper. The connection is less striking for smaller earthquakes. Powerful earthquakes related to these intersection regions include the destructive 2011 Tohoku-Oki and 2004 Sumatra events.


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