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This is really the trifecta of articles I have read in the last hour.

I am amazed at how deceptive this ad can be in stating it is the Catholic Bishops that are the threat to Religious Freedom, when the exact opposite is true.

Whether you believe in the Catholic point of view on religion is beside the point, they should have the freedom from being forced to support something their faith preaches against.

Then in her statement she says she is a “cultural catholic”, that she is no longer a believer and even wrote a play on the matter called “Letting Go of God.”?

How does that work?  Is this a growing phenomenon? Apostasy?  A falling away?

And then the closer, join our cause to help keep the bishops from forcing their dogma on everyone (Who is forcing who here?) and help keep church and state separate (Who is joined with who again?).

Unbelievable deception…


Former SNL Star Calls Bishops ‘Real Threat to Freedom’ in Atheist Group’s New Anti-Catholic TV Spot

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is known for creating a stir, particularly among people of faith — a cohort the group so regularly targets. In recent months, the atheist non-profit has set its sights primarily on Catholics, first running a New York Times ad that read, “It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church.” Now, the FFRF has released a new television spot slamming what co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor calls the ”Catholic Bishops’ war against contraception.”

Julia Sweeney Appears in FFRFs Anti Catholic Ad

Coincidentally, the 30-second ad, which features former “Saturday Night Live” actress and comedian Julia Sweeney (she played the popular character “Pat”), will run from June 21 through July 4. Interestingly, this is the same time frame during which the Catholic Church’s “Fortnight for Freedom” campaign is going on (yes, an intentional action on the part of the atheists).

On the FFRF web site yesterday, Gaylor praised the ad’s placement throughout mainstream and cable media:

The 30-second spot featuring personable Julia Sweeney is running approximately 1,200 times over a two-week period on a variety of national TV — but in regional markets. Those who may view the ads have the following TV or cable carriers: Dish, DirecTV, Cox, Comcast, Verizon and Viamedia.

We’re getting a lot of phone calls at the FFRF office in response. Some callers are giving our female receptionists a hard time, making unprintable comments. But others are our kind of folks, such as a grandmother in Pennsylvania who said she was raised Catholic but is “98 percent atheist,” and is disgusted by the Catholic Church’s attempt, as she put it, to “put canon law over civil law.”


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Right Scoop sums it up as well as I can, “This is just out of control.”

I second that…


War on Christianity: NC police chaplains banned from invoking name of Jesus at official ceremonies

This is just out of control. A volunteer police chaplain has been told to stop using the name of Jesus when he prays at official police ceremonies or he’d lose his position. And it’s all because of ‘tolerance’ and political correctness:

CBN NEWS – Volunteer chaplains in North Carolina’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department have been ordered to stop using the name of Jesus in their prayers at official ceremonies.

Maj. John Diggs, overseer of the chaplain program, explained that the goal is to be more sensitive to all religions. The department’s employees include Muslims and Jews as well.

“(It’s a) matter of respecting that people may have different faiths and that it is not aimed at any one religion or denomination,” he said.

Pastor Terry Sartain, with Horizon Christian Fellowship, said he was saddened by the new policy.

“I’m a pastor and Jesus is the only thing I have to offer to bless people – his life and his person,” he told FOX News Radio.


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