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Berlusconi pledges to end Naples waste crisis

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi pledged a swift end to the Naples garbage crisis on Friday as TV pictures of piles of rubbish and angry protests put his struggling government under pressure.

At least 20 police officers were injured on Thursday and there was further violence overnight as the chronic problem of waste disposal in Italy’s third largest city flared into violence for another night.

Hundreds of tonnes of garbage lie uncollected in the streets after a dispute erupted over a new dump near the town of Terzigno, near Naples, where the existing facility is full and where residents complain about the stench and toxic waste.

“Naples is no good. We are drowning in garbage again. They have to open the new dump but they need to do it far from the houses, because rubbish spreads disease,” an 80-year old woman, who gave her name as Assunta, told Reuters.


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