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This is a very good article in laying out a Theory of how certain prophecy puzzle pieces may fit together. 

I have always found it believable that the Rapture could play a role in accelerating certain prophecy events and I am amazed that most consider the events independently without looking at the “what if’s”. 

What if, this happens, then what would be the fall out. 

It is an interesting read on where we find ourselves today and what could lie ahead.


One Isn’t Far From Zero

By Jack Kinsella

We discussed the conditioning process that must be necessary in order for the antichrist to accomplish all that the Bible sets out for him in a brief seven years. It is one thing to control the global economic, governance and religious systems, it is another thing altogether to centralize it first.

It takes no time at all to assume power over something, provided that something is fully developed to that purpose. The antichrist doesn’t have the time to develop the systems or prepare the public to accept them.

The Scriptures say that he takes control of the levers of power, he doesn’t create them. While the Scriptures say that he has a “look more stout than his fellows” and a “mouth speaking great things” — he must first have a willing and receptive audience, or he is just another fierce-looking politician.

When the One was elevated to office in 2008, he certainly looked and sounded pretty fierce. And he had a willing and receptive audience. But what he didn’t have at his disposal in 2009 was the necessary global infrastructure.

Nonetheless, the practices and policies of the Obama administration are so similar to those outlined by the Scriptures for the last days that he’s made a lot of people to wonder aloud, “Could the One be THE One?”

Not likely. Some of the stuff ascribed to the antichrist for the last days will require real leadership, not just empty words and lofty rhetoric (although he will be good at that, too.)

So on that score, Obama isn’t likely to be THE One. But it could be argued that he has done more to move the world in the direction necessary than any leader of any nation since World War Two.

One of the main obstacles holding back the revelation of the man of sin is public acceptance. While the conditioning process is complete across much of the world, America has, to this point, remained a stubborn hold-out.

The Russians, Chinese, Europeans, NATO and the UN are more than merely prepared to turn over the reins of power to a strongman, they are actually seeking one.

The EU has been attempting to create a super-dictator to impose the EU’s will on an unwilling population since the Treaty of Rome set European reunification as its ultimate goal back in 1957.


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