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I think this article, better than most, points out how we are declining as a nation and will not be the super power soon.  Some say it is intentional, others say it is due to ignorance or stupidity, that we are following the path the UK & EU have taken to their pending collapse.

My heart tells me it is God’s Word / Purpose being fulfilled.  It doesn’t matter the motives, the result is we are headed off a cliff.  I would say that God’s staying hand has restrained us from collapsing completely.  We still have some purpose we need to fulfill, our number is not yet full.  All the indicators say we should not still be standing, as a nation, economy, world unit, but that is the Glory and Power and Wonder of God.  Everything is according to his plan and on his timetable.


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Not a happy article from our stand point in the US, it discusses how the world will split from us to let us double dip while they continue to grow.  It pretty much puts to rest the myth that the world is so dependent on us due to what we buy that they won’t let us fail, the numbers just don’t back it up, read on…


Wall Street Sees World Economy Decoupling From U.S.

Wall Street economists are reviving a bet that the global economy will withstand the U.S. slowdown.

Just three years since America began dragging the world into its deepest recession in seven decades, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Credit Suisse Holdings USA Inc. and BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research are forecasting that this time will be different. Goldman Sachs predicts worldwide growth will slow 0.2 percentage point to 4.6 percent in 2011, even as expansion in the U.S. falls to 1.8 percent from 2.6 percent.

Underpinning their analysis is the view that international reliance on U.S. trade has diminished and is too small to spread the lingering effects of America’s housing bust. Providing the U.S. pain doesn’t roil financial markets as it did in the credit crisis, Goldman Sachs expects a weakening dollar, higher bond yields outside the U.S. and stronger emerging-market equities.

“So long as it doesn’t turn to flu, the world can withstand a cold from the U.S.,” Ethan Harris, head of developed-markets economic research in New York at BofA Merrill Lynch, said in a telephone interview. He predicts the U.S. will expand 1.8 percent next year, compared with 3.9 percent globally.


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