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Tensions and unrest are boiling over in Pakistan.  It is clear that our relationship has taken a turn for the worst.  This is just the first of a string of attacks that have ended in burning fuel trucks and in some cases their drivers, ghastly deeds.

This is a very serious problem, we must pray even more for those in harm’s way in that region.


Outrage Intensifies in Pakistan Over NATO Strikes as Militants Attack Fuel Trucks

In the wake of three incursions by NATO helicopters into Pakistani air space in less than a week, protests broke out Friday in Pakistan, with some leaders calling NATO’s strikes on militant strongholds “an act of war.”

Militants responded Friday by attacking 27 NATO fuel trucks north of Karachi, and two drivers were burned alive in a separate incident. The attacks were seen as retaliation for NATO’s latest cross-border helicopter strike, which mistakenly killed three Pakistani border police earlier this week.

Khurshid Ahmed, a member of the opposition party in Pakistan, demanded that the NATO strikes stop.

“We regard it as an act of war, and we have demanded that Pakistan government must take immediate steps,” he said, “both stopping supplies to NATO and, No. 2, if our borders are violated we should strike back.”


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