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More pain in europe as they begin facing reality of over promising.  Is this a glimpse of what we will see here in the US once we finally face reality.

We are in almost the exact same situation as Greece and Romania, except that we are not tied to other countries through a shared currency, so we are free to inflate ours, devaluing the dollar, at will.

All of this is guiding the nations of the world toward a global government, question is will in culminate before or at the point of the Antichrist’s rise.


Romanian govt in uproar amid austerity protests

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) – The Romanian government is in an uproar – the interior minister has resigned, the opposition is demanding that the prime minister join him and top police officials are holding emergency talks with the president.

The chaos on Monday reflects the latest fallout from the sharp wage cuts and austerity measures the government has taken to fight its budget deficit amid a deep recession.


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