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A great article on something all parents will face, especially in the age we live in where kids are bombarded with secular believes from before preschool on up.  The message has been woven into their cartoon shows (Dinosaur Train) and in the children’s books and in the classrooms.  I have found it everywhere.  It can feel suffocating.

How can we protect our little ones from this world?

First, we need to call for reinforcements not of this world, for we can not succeed on our own.  We need to pray daily for God’s protection and wisdom.  We need to start early laying the foundation of the Truth and build that essential trust.  Trust in us and trust in God!

Maranatha, Lord come quickly!



How Do I Know the Bible Is True?

A great article from Anita Mellott at Answers in Genesis
January 22, 2013

“Lord, what can I do to help her understand the truth of your Word?” A tear fell onto my Bible as I thought of my pre-teen daughter’s words and prayed for wisdom. At eight, she was voicing questions about faith. “How can a book written so long ago have anything to do with me today?” “How can I believe in a God I can’t see?”

The first time those words rolled off her lips, I thought my heart would shatter. How could my child be asking such questions? Aren’t we raising her to trust the Bible as her compass? Didn’t she accept Jesus as her Savior? Fear and anxiety preyed on my mind for months.

Yet questions are natural and proper. As her questions have continued through the years, four important principles have helped my husband, Jim, and me.


I assumed that because our family had daily devotions and attended church, and we laid a strong biblical foundation, our daughter would trust the Lord. When I realized that faith was the work of the Holy Spirit, I began to pray for her like never before that she would know the Lord and grow strong in her own faith. Interceding in prayer is our privilege and our responsibility.

Open Communication

An atmosphere where children feel they are being heard and understood is vital. It’s sometimes difficult to answer questions without getting defensive or emotional, but asking questions isn’t wrong. We may not always know the answers, but we can (more…)

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