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So for some reason this headline on fox caught my eye, something just drew me to read it.  And I am glad I did, the story is very different from the headline.  And I was taken back at how it is being treated.

This exact same story could have been told a lot different and not strayed from the stated facts.  Now, I am not supporting or condemning the actions of this group, just using it as an example of how things are starting to change/transition.

Those that believe in the inerrant word of the Bible, fundamentalists, those that believe in the end times, are going to be shifted to ‘cult’ or ‘cult-like’ in the not so distant future, in fact you could argue they already are by the existence of this story.

The two areas that struck me the most were first when the article’s author stated that:

“…they were awaiting the Rapture, which some Christians believe is an event during which they will be gathered together in the air and reunited with Christ.”

Some, not most, or almost all, or fundamentalists.  Only some Christians believe.  This article really drives home a glimpse of what it may be like after the “event” that evidently only “some” Christians believe will occur.

Second, was how they described the group.

Chicas apparently had formed her own religious group, Parker said. About 12 to 15 people would gather at her home in Palmdale, a high-desert city of 139,000, and one night about a week ago, they didn’t leave until 2 a.m., said neighbor Cheri Kofahl.

“We’ve got a group here that’s practicing some orthodox and some unorthodox Christianity,” Parker said. “Obviously this falls under the unorthodox.”

Others who knew Chicas said she was devout but hardly fanatic in her religious beliefs.

So let me get this right.  We have about 12 to 15 people gathering in a woman’s home to study the bible at night and staying late occasionally.  And that is considered practicing unorthodox Christianity?

Normally that would be called a bible study in the US, or in other countries that would be called the house church.  How many disciples did Jesus have?  Twelve, and where did they meet most of the time?  Oh, in people’s houses at night over a meal.

How far have we strayed as a world?  Can you feel the shift?


Leader of ‘Cult-Like’ Religious Sect Hospitalized

PALMDALE, California — The leader of a breakaway religious sect was hospitalized Sunday for a mental evaluation after she and members of her group went missing and left behind evidence that they were awaiting the Rapture or some catastrophic event.

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