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It is amazing in the following two articles how contorted our “religions” have become today.  Satan has been working overtime as he too senses time is short.

What Rick is doing is fulfilling prophecy in two ways.  It is leading to a falling away of the church from foundational Bible beliefs, the Rock, to build a church on.  It is also beginning / aiding the roots of “One World Religion”.  Helping set the stage for the coming antichrist.

Both the authors do a great job laying out the comparision for the two sides Rick is trying to merge.  It is not possible to bridge the gap and still remain grounded on the Rock.  Deception is so great these days, I can see why Jesus said over and over when speaking of the last days: “Do not be deceived!”

I think finally God is showing me what it means to be watchful or a Watchman.  If you are not studying Bible prophecy, you have a greater risk of being deceived.  You don’t know what to look out for or may be too caught up in this world to even notice the path you are on.

Which road are you on?  (Two Roads, Two Gates, One Goal)

God Bless!


Rick Warren’s bridge to Islam

I’ve had a number of issues with Rick Warren over the years.

But, with his latest effort to find common theological ground with Muslims and suggesting Christians and Muslims worship the same God, the man dubbed “America’s Pastor” by the secular media is getting very close to heresy – if not crossing the line.

Here is the key to illustrating his error: Do Muslims even claim to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as Christians and Jews do? No, they do not. They believe God did not create a covenant with Isaac and Jacob, but rather with Abraham’s firstborn son Ishmael. They believe the Jewish and Christian Bibles are misrepresentations of truth. They believe the Quran accurately and faithfully represents the true personality and will of God.

This is not a minor theological difference. It is as basic and fundamental as it gets.

And the differences grow from there.


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